Kingsby offers a collection of investment gold bars accessible to every budget and a modern design sensibility that appeals to a wide audience.

We also offer a variety of gold bullion coins and bars that are accredited as ‘Good Delivery’ by:

  • The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
  • The leading futures market – COMEX
  • Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX)

Through our partnership with Development Gold Ghana (NGO), we endeavour to build sustainable mining communities in developing countries. We contribute a share of our profits to projects which improve access to potable drinking water, education, and healthcare. This means every purchase translates into meaningful benefits as we empower you to be part of our effort to uplift the lives of disadvantaged people.

Why Kingsby?


We control our supply chain and outsource the production process to world class refineries. This allows us to eliminate long production lead times which can be typical within the industry. Our UK based refinery partner was founded at the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1760. Now into its fourth century of trading, our refinery has maintained a long history of integrity and commercial strength.

We also partner with reliable third party service providers to deliver finished products as scheduled. Our clients around the world receive a high level of personal service and all transactions are dealt with confidentially, giving them that extra peace of mind.

Our mission is to make certified investment gold accessible to the public. We achieve this by offering gold bars in smaller units through our dedicated ecommerce website. This approach not only makes our gold bars more affordable but they can also be conveniently acquired from the comfort of your own home.

Gold is money, everything else is credit, and once
you realize this you’ll never be poor again.

JP Morgan


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