What forms of ID are acceptable?

If ID is required in line with HMRC rules we ask for at least one document from each of the following lists. List 1 Passport Full driving licence National Insurance card Birth certificate National identity card List 2 Phone bill Other utility bill Deeds Tenancy lease Council tax bill Hotel key card (for non-UK residents only) If you send us the original documents we will return them by recorded delivery the next day. If you would rather send us copies, these should be certified by an authority figure (such as a lawyer, accountant, doctor). Alternatively, you may get the copies certified at the post office for a small fee.

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Do I need to provide ID to buy investment products?

For single transactions under £5000 we simply require your name and address, no further identification is required. However, for larger transactions and multiple transactions totalling over £10,000 in a year we are required to keep identification to comply with HMRC regulations. This information will be stored securely and will not be released to any third party unless we are compelled to do so by the authorities. If paying by bank transfer, we will not generally require any further ID. If ID is required, we will contact you once you have placed your order to explain the process.

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