Secured Storage

Due to customer demand, we have chosen to develop a cost effective and secure storage solution which operates outside the banking system. Our strategic partnership with the global industry leader in risk management and secured vaulting gives you the peace of mind that your investment is safe.

The key benefits of Kingsby London Secure Storage include:

  • Allocated and Segregated Bullion
  • Accessibility
  • Outside the Banking system
  • Competitive Rates


Allocated and Segregated Bullion

The gold bullion you purchase is segregated and held solely in your name. The original bullion purchased is always stored separately and is never swapped with other account holders’ bullion. Client bullion is stored in private, non-bank vaults and bullion assets remain the legal property of clients at all times.


Kingsby London gives clients the flexibility to buy, sell and store in one convenient place. If you are selling your bullion back to us extraction from the vaults is free, funds will be paid by bank transfer into your linked account which was set up when you opened your account. Physical delivery can be requested at any point, simply call us during office hours and arrangements will be made.

Outside the Banking system

We believe the purchase and storage of physical gold should be implemented as part of a prudent diversification strategy. Buying and storing gold with Kingsby London enables you to hold assets outside of an unstable banking system. This reduces your personal exposure to banking related risks whilst also diversifying your wealth distribution.

Competitive Rates

Kingsby London annual storage fees start at 1% per annum. Orders below £10,000 will attract a minimum charge of £10.00 per month. Charges are billed monthly in arrears.

Gold storage fees:

Average Insurance Value of Holding*Monthly Fee (Incl. VAT)
£10,000 and below£10.00
*Average Insurance Value of holding is calculated based on the pure precious metal weight of your holding multiplied by the average LME spot price – PM Fix. This is then uplifted by the percentage premium you originally paid for your specific products at Kingsby London.
You can add to your holdings at any time and will only be charged one fee based on the total value of your holdings.

Storage fees of less than 1% are available for larger values of gold bullion stored:

Insurance Value Range of HoldingAnnual storage Fee expressed as a %
£100,000 – £250,0000.79%
£250,000 – £500,0000.69%
£500,000 – £750,0000.59%
£750,000 +0.49%

Sell your stored bullion to Kingsby London Ltd

If you wish to sell your stored bullion to us we would be happy to make you an offer. Call us on 0207 993 8839 during office hours to lock in a price. Payments are made by bank transfer into your linked account within 5 working days.

Delivery Charges

We will deliver part or all of your stored bullion upon your request. Shipping will be charged at £25 plus insurance charged at 0.25% of the total value of the shipment. These charges are subject to VAT.

Please see the table below for more information:

Value of ShipmentShipping Fee (+VAT)
Up to £ 100,000£ 25.00 + 0.25 % insurance
Over £ 100,000Please contact us on 020 7993 8839